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s the recent snow and ice storms in the south that t

he region has rarely seen before. We made major achiev

ements in reform, o▓pening up and modernization, whic

h attracted the att▓ention of the world. - The economy

reached a new high. ▓China's GDP in 2007 reached 24.66 trillion yuan, an incr▓ease of 65.5% over 2002 and an average annual incr▓ease of 10.6%, rising from the sixth highest one in the world to the fourth. Total government revenue reached 5.13 trillion yuan, a 171% increase over 2002. Our foreign exchange reserves exceeded 1.52 trillion U.S. dollars. - The agricultural tax was rescinded, ending the centuries-old practice of farmers paying taxes. Chin▓a's grain output rose

f the Co▓

four consecutive years to rea▓ch 501.5

million tons in 2007. - Major progress was made in ▓the reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), the financi▓al system, fiscal and taxation systems, the system of ▓forei

gn trade and economic cooperation, and t

he administrative system. China has entered a new stage in develop▓ing a more open economy. Total volume of imports and exports reached 2.17 trillion dollars in 2007, ra

ising China from the sixth largest tra

ding nation in t▓he world to the third largest. - Good progress was made in▓ efforts to make China more innovative, and a number ▓of major scientific and technological innovations with international impact were made. Manned space flights and our first moon exploration project were successfully carried out. - Free compulsory education was made availabl▓e to all rural students, marking an important milestone in the history of the development of education in China. The basic frameworks for a public health system and a▓ system of basic medical services covering both urban and rural areas have been put in place. - Steady improvement was made in the urban and rural system of public cultural services. Significant progress was made in reform of the cultural management system, and the development ▓of cultural programs and cultural industries was accelerated. The Shanghai Special Olympics was successfully held. ▓Preparations for the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics in Beijin▓g and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai proceeded smoo▓thly. - Progress was made in developing democracy and the legal system and in enhancing law-based governmen▓t. Greater efforts were made to safeguard people's right▓s and interests and ensure social fairness and justice. - People's living standards improved significantly.▓ Fifty-one million urban jobs were created over the past▓ five years. Urban per capita annual disposable inco▓me rose from 7,703 yuan in 2002 to 13,786 yuan in 2007▓, and rural per capita annual net income rose from 2,476 yuan to 4,140 yuan during the same period. The b▓asic framework for a social safety net for both urban and rural areas was put in place. The number of peop▓le living in poverty was reduced every year. All these impro▓vements fully demonstrate that during the past five-year▓ period great strides were made in carrying out reform and opening up and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. During this time the productive forces and overall national strength were significantly improved, social programs were comprehensive▓ly developed, people received even greater benefits and ▓China's international standing and influence constantly grew.According to NASA鈥檚 Basics of Space Flight, their investment in deep space exploration can produce a pulling effect of 1:100. We haven鈥檛 conducted detailed demonstration of this effect, but the technical progress needs that can be seen show a broad prospect. Deep space exploration may play a driving role in the following aspec▓ts: In science:  To create, perfect and deepen lunar science (lunar geology and lunar physics research) =601; To promote comparative planetology developmen▓t  To conduct research on extraterrestrial space environment  To create planetary geodesy and cartography  To promote remote sensing theory, m▓ethodology, engineering, practice and interplanetary ▓remote sensing  To conduct deep research on terrestrial planets  To promote research on origin and evolution of Earth-Moon-sun system  To explor

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